The Hours In Between

Dear Tasha,

I thought you had forgotten me. I wasn’t terribly worried, but still… I have been filling my hours in the meantime with lots of things. It’s rained torrentially here for the last few days, and the tennis courts have been charcado as my tennis instructor likes to say and I haven’t been able to play in days. After the last big storm, which I slept though-–the one my roommate said was the night the sky almost fell in-–he said they were inundada. I had hung my sheet out on the line the day before, so I didn’t have to fill the living room with clothes drying on the rack like I’ve been doing all winter, but it’s back in the wash again. I thought I would never play again, but today dawned bright and sunny and warm once again. It felt basically like spring. While I was holed up in bed these last few days, avoiding the rain and trying to work, I too spent hours obsessively reading the stories about the downed plane and trying futilely not to cry. It seems everyone I know here and in Germany knew someone with family or friends on that plane. It struck way too close to home. We sent a school group home two days earlier on the same airline, headed the same route with possibly the same crew. Life is so so fragile.

I’ve been working on a new article about crafting for the Metropolitan (por fin!), another one on nightlife in Spain (much harder than you’d think), and yet another about artesanal beer. It’s been nice to get more hooked into the community here, through food. I’m still working on my book, but it seems to be a week on, week off sort of thing. I can’t sustain daily focus. I always seem to work in bursts and waves anyway. I’m patiently waiting for our poem to get picked up, and have been making new lists of journals for us.

I went to my first Classico game, and it was amazing. Better because we won of course. I loved the mosaico, although Polpol contends it’s not the best he’s seen. Otherwise, I spent most of my free hours at the driving school trying to figure out why I can’t ever seem to pass one of my exams. It’s absolutely exhausting. I’m studying like two hours or more a day, then squeezing in work around it. It’s killing me. I’m supposed to take my test mid-late April. Please send good ju-ju my way. If nothing else, I’ve learned a lot of new Spanish words that I’ll never use like diaphanous and submarine.

Tomorrow I’m off to go watch dressage again and hopefully aprovechar another sunny day. I’m not sure how many days left of cold there are, but I’m tired of running the heat all the time. There is a cat under the sofa, and I would really appreciate it if he would come up and sit in my lap to keep me warm. It’s been suggested that I get business cards made with the title Cat Au Pair. You can talk to your former bandmate about that.

Enough procrastinating. I’m off to try to write an article, so I can enjoy my Friday night.

I hope it’s still light out where you are, for once.