The Rain in Spain

Dear Tasha,

It hasn’t stopped raining since I woke up. The sky is choked with clouds and a steady drizzle has thwarted my plans to change out of my pajamas. Tennis lessons were canceled. Life goes on.

Tonight I’m making chili, one that I promised my roommate days ago. Luckily she hasn’t been home much to miss it, spending half of every night in the library bogged down in final assignments, presentations and general malaise. She finishes her degree in two weeks, heads home to Peru, and leaves me to cook alone. I wish you were here to take over as sous chef. Anyway, the chili I usually make is the one Lindsay recommended to me from Clean and Delicious, which I made for MB and Lau before I left for your shores, but this is going to be one of those commando versions. You know, the use everything in your fridge in substitution kind. Mostly, because I’m out of pinto beans and I refuse to walk across the street in the rain (indoor cat).

Today it feels like a day lost, one where I can hardly remember five minutes ago, let alone five hours. I’ve been writing all day. I came out of a work stupor at one point to find the items from my lunch strewn all over the counter, unrefrigerated, remnants of a meal abandoned, like I left in great haste. In a word, a mess.

I need you here to share the bottle of cheap red table wine I brought home from France yesterday. It’s not Provence, but it’ll do. Instead, I’m going to eat a Bonne Maman raspberry tartlet and drink a cup of Sensual Tea (Sweet) from Tea Shop. What kind of a name is that anyway? We could do so much better. Too bad we don’t make tea.




Melissa Leighty