Tea in Qatar

Dearest Melissa,

It’s past my school-night bedtime and 3 degrees Fahrenheit outside. But after working my way through filing my taxes online, I stumbled upon this Buzzfeed list entitled “This is What a Cup of Tea Looks Like in 22 Countries.” Of course I thought of you.

I take issue with the picture of British tea (put the milk in first, silly rabbit!). You need to be the judge of most of the others, as the much better traveled half of this duo. Will you go back to Japan with me? I’ve never been and I think it might be a good place to take this blog on the road, though perhaps writing letters to each other while sharing a train seat might be awkward. Ever since Jason bought me a book about Wabi Sabi, I’ve been itching to go.

I think the only place I’ve been to (and had a cup of tea) that you haven’t is Doha, Qatar. Did I ever tell you the story of when we were paying for our entry visas in the airport and MB tried to chat with the security guard about how she needed a beer after the long flight? Thankfully she was speaking Spanglish and I don’t think he knew the word “cerveza” or maybe he was distracted by Lau taking (illegal) photos. I’ve had tea in Nepal, which is close to Tibet, but then again, so is India, and you’ve been there. I think you’ve been to most of the other places on the list, too, with just a few exceptions.

Catalunya was not on the list, but here’s a picture of some “tea” we had for dessert on our triumvirate trip to Barcelona’s famed restaurant Tickets last fall. That chocolate cigar sure looks good in MB’s hand, doesn’t it?


Do you remember what was in this tea cup?

I hope the Barcelona sun returns. I’ve got enough winter over here for the both of us.

Miss & love & tea,


PS I remember those post-its well.

PPS I’ve been to the Speckled-Ax, but it’s not my favorite coffee shop in Portland (Omi‘s might be, though it closes too early and it’s too far to walk in winter).

PPPS I wish I could be playing tennis with you. Every day.

Melissa Leighty