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Dear Tasha,

I’ve tired of waiting for my letter. I’m sure you’re exhausted from your trip and still catching up, but I have letters to write. My pile of books yet unread continues to grow alongside my pile of essays yet unwritten. I am drowning in unbirthed words. Meanwhile, I spend most of my free time at the Apple store trying without success to fix various devices, shattered. Also, the right side of my space bar key sticks, and most of my words come out pasted together in a form that reminds me of a poorly executed Whatsapp message. I spend more time adding back spaces with a firm thumb than I do writing words. More than annoying, it’s a deeply uncomfortable sensory experience.

In other trivial news, the sun is shining and there is nary a cloud in the sky. I feel guilty leaving my bed and the insistent glare of my computer screen reminding me that there is always something more I have to do. My article appears soon in the Metropolitan, and I’m getting started on my next one, so that’s something to look forward to. I’m heading to Madrid for a weekend, then to Menorca, then to Ibiza, my first vacations of the entire year. It’s been a good long wait.

For my online class, we’re reading about structure and there are so many things to love about this little interview. I like particularly the idea that your poet voice and my literary nonfiction voice might actually make us kin. I thought this was likewise fascinating, given the fact that my students were always horrified by the often factual coldness of Danticat’s writing.

Last but not least, here are some new activities for us to try in our spare time between planning trips to Greece and feeling left out.